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The Fusion Cook Book

Thumbnail The Fusion Cook Book
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ingredients and preparation styles from different countries and cultures into a unique dish. Fusion cuisine is when you combine particular ethnic cuisines and fuse them into...

The Complete Cooking Library

Thumbnail The Complete Cooking Library
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Whether you are a novice just learning how to cook, an experienced cook or maybe you are thinking about a career in culinary arts, this collection...

The Appetizer Collection 150 Tasty Recipes

Thumbnail The Appetizer Collection 150 Tasty Recipes
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recipes, suitable for any occasion or skill level, from the familiar to the more exotic, The Appetizer Collection opens up endless possibilities and brings together a...

Over 11000 Recipes From Around The World

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125+ Dog Treat Recipes 290+ Dutch Oven Recipes 125+ Easter Recipes 200+ Fair/Carnival Recipes 100+ Fondue Recipes 40+ Frugal Recipes 200+ Gift Jar Recipes Grandmas Moonshine Recipe Homemade Kentucky Beer 125+......

1001 Low Carb Diet Recipes

Thumbnail 1001 Low Carb Diet Recipes
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look no further, because your taste buds are in for a real treat! Hundreds & hundreds of great tasting, low carb dieting recipes, with simple everyday ingredients,...

600 Chilli Recipes

Thumbnail 600 Chilli Recipes
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and without, vegetarian chilies, and low-fat variations on the classic dish that so many Americans love. If you compete in chili competitions then you probably don't...

Big Book Of Cookies

Thumbnail Big Book Of Cookies
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Everybody loves cookies. Is there anyone without a memory of their favorite fresh from the oven cookies with milk? With The Big Book Of Cookies you...

Culinary Herbs

Thumbnail Culinary Herbs
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In these days of jaded appetites, condiments and canned goods, how fondly we turn from the dreary monotony of the dainty menu to the memory of...